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Chiyoda U-Tech contributes to the value creation of our clients, along with the change of social needs, taking advantages of “Intelligence” supported by advanced technology and rich experience of Chiyoda Group.

Chiyoda U-Tech, since the establishment in 1986, has contributed to the development and success of the clients in various business sectors as a consulting and staffinng service company of Chiyoda Group.

In the present time, the society changes rapidly and the industrial activities become increasingly borderless and global. A rapid expansion of the industrial activities causes new problems, such as a price jump of resources, and climate changes. The society is asking for global solutions.

We believe, in such days, it is becoming more important that people and technology communicate more. Consulting of Chiyoda U-Tech, with a broad view based on rich experience and technical know-how, always supports our clients with business solution from a practical viewpoint. We do not only discuss about the technology but offer value creation for innovation.

We provide "practical consulting service" taking advantages of "Intelligence" supported by technology and experience with Chiyoda Group.



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