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Based on the Privacy Policy of Chiyoda U-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CUC”) as written on this back, CUC would like to have your consent on its management of the personal information.

Agreement for Personal Information

The collection, use and provision of your personal information:

  • CUC may use your personal information for your job placement and employment administration.
  • If CUC considers it appropriate and necessary, your ability of task performance shall be disclosed to the company you will work for.
  • CUC is not obliged to return the personal documents submitted by you.
  • CUC will not disclose the personnel and evaluation information of staff to any other person under any circumstances.
  • If you would like to make a request for disclosure, consultation, complains and deregistration regarding the personal information, please send it in written forms to the address below.
    Contact Person:Corporate Administration Department、General Manager
    Address:3-13, Moriya-cho, Kanaawa-ku, Yokohama

The Procedure for Deregistration:

If you fit into any of the following categories, CUC shall cancel the registration. As the measure of cancellation, CUC shall dispose by paper shredding and data erasing.

  • 3 years passed after the registration or the information renewal without having a contract.
  • 3 years passed after the contract completion without having a new contract.
  • A staff asks CUC to cancel his/her own registration.
  • The contract finished on the reason attributable to the staff.
  • When there was a false or fraud in biographical data, professional competency, and qualification at point of registration.

I hereby agree with the contents stated above.