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  • Fellow, The Society of Separation Engineers, Japan
  • Professional Engineer, Japan, Chemistry /Industrial Division
  • The International Registered Professional Engineer,
  • APEC Engineer (Chemical Engineering)
  • Risk Manager(CRM/Professional PM/ PRM/ PMCO),


  • Specializes on process design and analysis for petroleum and petrochemical processes such as DME process.
  • Ethylene and other petrochemical processes as well as new energy processes.


  • As a visiting engineer in ASPEN Project at MIT for the development the original version of ASPEN process simulator.
  • As a process Engineer, developed various R&D projects such as nuclear steel making, coal liquefaction, oil shale, molten carbonate fuel cell, 13C methane supper-fractionation processes.
  • As a senior process engineer as well as a process manager involved in many gas and petrochemical projects such as LNG, ethylene, EO/EG, methanol, MTBE and PE/PP.
  • At NKK Corporation (now JFE Holdings, Inc.) as an engineering manager for the development of DME direct synthesis process.
  • At TOTAL S.A. as a representative of Direction Scientific, Paris, responsible for exchanging scientific information and technical collaboration with Japanese academia and companies.
  • After retirement from TOTAL, established a venture consulting company dealing with chemical engineering matters including shale gas and oil developments floating LNG processes, hydrogen transportation and storage, etc.


  • Many overseas experiences at TOTAL for technical meeting in France and USA.
  • As Chief Commissioning Engineer for commissioning and startup work for 300,000 MTA steam cracker plant in •Nigeria.(1994-1995)
  • MIT Visiting Engineer for ASPEN Project (1977-1979)


  • "Slurry Phase Reactor technology for DME Direct Synthesis," Int. J. of Chem. Reactor Eng., Vol.8, Article A109 (2010),
  • Tominaga, H. and M. Tamaki, Ed., "Chemical Reaction and Reactor Design," Maruzen and Wiley (1997)
  • "Process Simulation with Undefined Mixture using Structure-Based Model Compounds," paper presented at ComChem'90, The Hague, The Nederland, May(1990),
  • many other technical papers and Japanese Patents including Japanese ones


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