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Technical Research and Analysis Services

Technical Research & Analysis Group provides qualified services for the wide variety of technical fields and the global extension of research areas.

Although our services are provided throughout the life cycle of a project, we mainly support the clients in the upstream stages prior to the project execution. That is, the concept definition stage such as technical and/or market trend survey and analysis and the project planning stage such as basic plan, conceptual design and feasibility study.

Our services have been extended to various industries as follows:

  • Public Sectors: Government, Incorporated Administrative Agencies such as JICA, NEDO, and General Incorporated Association such as ENAA.
  • Private Sectors: Trading Companies, Energy Supply Business Operators, Private Research Institutes, Consulting Companies, and Engineering Companies.

We have served a large number of clients not only in Japan but also in various areas of the world. Recently, our services have been concentrated in the Middle East and South East Asia corresponding to the growth of the energy market.

We are also taking initiatives with the new energy fields such as hydrogen, biomass and clean coal technologies including coal-gasification, CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage), which recently have gained social attention as measures against global warming.

We, Chiyoda U-Tech will provide technical services of high quality with engineering expertise and know-how cultivated within Chiyoda Group for many years.

Expanding Technical Fields Various Clients & Global Areas Any Phase of Project Lifecycle