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  • B.Sc.and M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Kyushu University)
  • PM Consultant @ PMAJ certification


  • Process Engineering (Petroleum Refining Process Technology )
  • Project Engineering (Eng'g Coordination & Control,Preparation of P & ID, Plot Plan, Operation Manual)
  • Project Management (Project Operation, Preparation of Technical & Commercial Proposal and Cost & Schedule Control)


  • 1969 Chiyoda Corporation joined
    As a Process, Project & Commissioning Engineer and Manager, was responsible for various petroleum refining construction project such as BTX unit, VGO FCC unit VGO Hydro cracking unit, Nigeria grass root Refinery, RFCC unit etc.
  • 2007 Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation joined
    As a Project Director (Cost & Schedule in charge) of Namikata base Kurashiki base of LPG underground national stockpile construction.
  • 2012 Chiyoda U-Tech Corporation Joined
    As a Senior Consultant, oil stockpiling investigation business conduct in Cambodia


  • Studied Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 1972 on company scholarship
  • As Project Engineer, engaged in refinery construction and commissioning business , in Nigeria
  • As Engineering Manager, engaged in LNG FEED work business conduct, in collaborated with Bechtel in London, England
  • As Proposal Manager, engaged in technical proposal and cost estimation work for Hydro cracking Project to be constructed in Egypt, in collaborated in Milan, Italy
  • As Proposal Manager, engaged in various technical proposal and cost estimation business at other overseas projects in France, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Brazil, Mexico etc,
  • As Representative Process Manager, engaged in FCC process technology consulting business conduct in Seoul, Korea
  • As Senior Consultant, engaged in oil stockpiling investigation business conduct in Cambodia


"Crude Desalting Process", 1974 Sekiyu Gakkai (Petroleum Institute)


Golf, chorus (top tenor), etc